Review : Da Vinci Brushes

Hellooo fetele!

 Am citit in mai multe parti ca nu multe dintre voi cunoasteti pensulele de machiaj Da Vinci. Cum eu detin 6 bucati (si ma simt binecuvantata ca le am), am decis sa fac un review.
De asemenea, am si catalogul lor, la care salivez destul de des :)). O sa vi-l arat si voua sa nu fiu eu singura ...:D
Acest post va fi in mare parte in engleza, in afara de review-ul facut pentru pensulele pe care le detin.
Sper sa va descurcati pentru ca eu n-am mai avut rabdare sa traduc dupa ce am scris totul din catalog. Va anunt de pe acum ca aveti in fata un post kilometric. Sper sa aveti rabdarea necesara sa il cititi :))
Let's start now....

  • Founded around 1890, owned by the family Defet since 1930
  • Fabrication only in Nuremberg, Germany
  • At present about 130 employees
  • The product portfolio contains brushes for many techniques in the artists, school and craft field as well as for dental, cosmetic and nail market
  • Per year more than 6 milion brushes are sold to all 5 continents
  • Skilled and intensively trained brudh experts are guaranteeing continuously perfect quality
  • The constantly high quality level is alsi due to the careful and experienced purchase of the best raw materials.
Facts about the natural hairs used in the Da Vinci Brushes

Red salbe hair – the most precious hair comes from the Siberian red sable; it’s high elasticity and needle-sharp poin guarantee always fine detail work.
Used for eyeshadow,lip,eyeliner and contour brushes.

Squirrel hair – the particularity of this hair is it’s extraordinary suppleness, comparable to other valuable material such as silk or cashmere. At the moment eyeshadow brushes from squirrel hair are very trendy, as they allow the most flawless application of colour.

Goat – for the daily use especially the hair of the highland mountain goat have stood the test.

Brown Mountain Goat – the full robust hair body convinces by it’s perfect elasticity and allows a smooth and flawless application of loose and compact powder.

Dark brown mountain goat – the delicate structure and finest tips of this Top-quality hair make the special contribution to an agreeable and even application.

Pony hair – pony hair is of a very fine structure and therefore especially apt for all those make-up  techiniques, where you have to distribuite powdery substances.
Used for eyeshadow, so-called blenders.

Badger Hair – Brushes made from badger hair have been an indispensable  ustensil for the wet shave  at all times . This so-called “silver tips” – especially selected awn hairs , which are of high elasticity and have fine tip – provide our Uomo line with it’s special quality and fullness.

Synthetic fibres - today we have at our disposal a great number of synthetic fibres. The surprising quality level as well as new Da Vinci production metods besto upon special brush types to a great extent the tried and tested characteristics of natural hair. Moreover, fibre brushes have a long lifetime an are extraordinarily elastic and robust.
Used for powder, blusher, lip,eyeshadow,,eyeliner,contour,concealer and foundation brushes.

My review:
 Tin sa spun ca sunt pensulicile mele preferate si ador absolut tot la ele. Nu veti vedea nicio parere negativa despre ele din partea mea. Nu stiu din ce gama sunt pensulele mele pentru ca scrie doar Da Vinci pe ele, probabil scria pe ambalaj, dar l-am aruncat de mult :(

- intre 50-120 lei/bucata. (asa tin eu minte, poate chiar mai mult)

- cu aceasta pensula aplic eyeliner si e perfecta pentru asta
- uneori mai aplic si highlight in coltul interior al ochiului cu ea sau aplic fard pe pleoapa de jos.

- pensula pentru buze - o folosesc doar pentru asa ceva. e mai rigida si nu o pot folosi la ochi ( ca pe cea de la ELF).

- asta e pensula mea preferata dintre toate pe care le detin! o folosesc de obicei pentru aplicarea fardului in pliul pleoapei (cum n-am o pensula speciala pentru crease) si uneori pentru eyeshadow pe toata pleoapa.

- pensulica asta este extrem de moale si pufoasa! O ador. O folosesc pentru pudra.

- Contour brush - pentru asta o si folosesc. O mai folosesc si pt blush. La fel ca si cea dinainte, e foarte moale.

- pensula asta nu este din gama de make-up, ci din cea de pictura. Dar asa-i ca e perfecta pentru asta?
O puteti folosi cam la orice...:)


Da Vinci Classic

– elegant, timeless design, in combination with continued innovation – the charactersitcs of these popular models for more than two decades. The very reliable “helping tools” for the daily make-up.

Da Vinci Professional

-the competent brush assortment has been developed in cooperation with make-up professionals and offers a great selection of precious and long-lasting models for intensive use.

ALL PROFESSIONAL brushes are finished with the esagonal  handle, which has been developed by our house and whose characteristic is the flattenings at its thickest part, so that the handle will not roll away. Moreover, this tool lies especially well in your hand.

Da Vinci Sensitive
- For this special line we use selected, extra fine natural hairs, which assure an even and agreeable application. When choosing the raw material, we have taken great care to take environmental friendly products, as for example wood from sustainable German Forestry.

Da Vinci For Mineral Make-up - personal, salivez rau de tot la astea. :))

Da Vinci Mask Brushes

Da Vinci Basic
- o
ur “young” line, modest in price, with the most important shapes for powder,blush,lip and eyeshadow. The modern, very handly handle shape finds enough room in every make-up case.

Da Vinci Selection 

- this product line stands for various specialities of our house. Selected natural hairs with fine tips are bound by hand with great care and made into real special

-Selection XL Powder Brushes

- Selection Squirrel Hair
-Selection Voyage
Da Vinci Diva
- the exclusive brush line unites the advantages of best materials in all part and high craftsmanship  based on the experience of generations. Particularly sleected natural hairs with extra fine tips and an awesome handle made of precious bird’s eye maple wood worked into a perfect fitting metal stand.

Da Vinci Synthetics

- a new generation of high quality synthetic fibres, developed for our house allowing an agreeable and even application. The sensible alternative to contribute to the protection of natural resources.

Classic Sets
Professional Sets
Belt Sets
Counter Display classic/proffesional

Si cateva sfaturi despre cum sa ne intretinem pensulele:

HOW do powder and rouge brushes loose their hair and WHY?

Daily make-up use affects not only the hair tips, but also the whole of the brush, as the powder or rouge penetrates the brush hairs. It is therefore recommended, especially in interests of hygiene, to regulary wash the brush out througly and reshape it to it’s original form.

Goat and other animal hair share the same basic structure as human hair , which is usually cared for by using mild shampoo to retain its smoothness.
For brush hair this is particularly important, as it is not protected by the natural oils produced by the hair roots.
As a result there are two key factors which affect the condition of the brush:

The first:
Powder remains  collect the hair’s protective layer,whose surface texture is similar to a pine cone.

The second:
If powder is left to encrust on the brush, it can spread along the edge of the metal ferrule and, given time, to the whole of the brush head..

Both factors cause the hair to lose its smoothness, dry out and can even lead to hair breakage.
The result: the brush loses hair!

Using the brush roughly can also lead to damage if you are being  too forceful when uptaking or applying make-up.
The hair can then become matted like a bird’s nest.
Our advice: Care for the brush and  wash out regulary (Every 2-3 weeks). Clean the brushes under running, warm water and don’t worry about using too much. When rising the brushes use a reconditionating shampoo if possible.
After cleaning the brushes thoroughly, remove any excess  water by fliking the brush with quick hand movements to ensure that as little water as possible is left in the body of the hair. A light wiping is also advisable. Finally, leave the brush to dry properly on a paper towel. Do not leave the brush on a warm surface, as this can cause the handle varish to crack.
Cared for this way the brush hair will retain elasticity and remain robust and smooth for longer.

Dupa cum vedeti au o gama fooooarte larga si nu stiu daca se gasesc toate la noi in Romania. 
Daca mai aveti intrebari/nelamuriri, leve it in the comment box below :P :)

Va pup,


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  1. Vai cât de drăguuuuţ :X:X:X Nici nu ştiam că există atât de multe pensule pentru machiaj :))))) Sunt în stare de şoc :)))):D:D

    De unde ai achiziţionat catalogul? :-s

  2. michelline - si eu le ador, desi pretul e foarte mare la ele.
    catalogul il am de la prietenul meu. a lucrat intr-un magazin de arte si acolo au si ceva pensule da vinci. de acolo le-am primit pe ale mele.
    la voi in bucuresti s-ar putea sa gasiti pensulele astea la magazinul Profi art ( care e infratit cu cel din timisoara), de acolo cred ca ai putea lua si un catalog.
    pana atunci uite-l aici si in format PDF:

  3. mama yo cheroooo da vinci brushes :((( pero no tengo tengo dineroooooooo

  4. Da si eu salivez de mult in fata acestui catalog... cred ca ai dat o avere pe ele, nu? Offf ce mult mi-as dori si eu o pensula din asta :D am vazut ca au in magazinul Make Up For Ever si am gasit pe cineva pe net care are :D... da nu as da banii pe ele desi un cadou ar fi tare bine venit :))... bine ca n-am pretentii..

  5. adyna - eu am avut norocul sa le primesc :)
    asa nu mi-as fi permis in veci, sa le cumpar.

  6. foarte util postul... nu cred ca am mai vazut pe nicaieri un articol asa detaliat si de bine explicat despre pensule... thx a lot :)

  7. Cris - mersi :)) incerc si eu sa cuprind toate informatiile. doar ca a iesit cam prea lung si nu stiu cine are rabdare sa-l citeasca!:))

  8. Arata tare bine pensulicile :)

  9. gogâlţ. mulţumim că te-ai gândit să ne stimulezi şi nouă glandele salivare, doar n-o să înghiţi de una singură. În grup e mai uşor :P Sunt foarte frumoase, chiar şi cineva care nu face make up ca profesie e impreionat. Eu le-aş folosi pe mine toată ziua.

  10. Siginutz - Lol! Mulumesc pentru sustinere!:))))))
    Te cred, sunt frumoase si asa, numai sa te uiti la ele. :))

  11. Super review-ul tau.
    Sincer, chiar daca sunt un pic mai scumpe, pe termen lung clar isi scot banii.
    Eu mi-am cumparat cateva de aici:
    Cunoscatorii stiu despre ce vorbesc atunci cand spui daVinci in materie de pensule

  12. Gabriela - da, Profiart e "fratiorul" lui ComplexArt din Timisoara, de unde le am eu. :)