My nail polish collection


 De mult timp planuiesc sa fac aceasta postare si iata ca a venit timpul sa va arat colectia mea de lacuri de unghii. Veti observa ca nu pun prea mare importanta pe firma ci mai mult pe culori, texturi, etc. Iar daca chiar nu gasesc culoarea dorita...mi-o fac singura!:))
 Btw, am incercat sa fac si swatch-uri pe hartie, dar din cauza faptului ca nu am mai prins lumina naturala, au iesit ingrozitor si am renuntat. Si sa imi fac cu fiecare pe unghii chiar nu am avut rabdare, plus ca imi era mila sa stric modelul dragut pe care il am acum. :)) Oricum, culorile in sticluta au iesit foarte realist, deci e ok.
[I was planning for a long time to make this post and it's finally time for you guys to see my nail polish collection. You will notice that i don't care so much about the brand, more important for me is the color & the texture. And if i can't find the color that i want, i do it myself!:)) Btw, i tried to do the swatches on a piece of paper, but because i did the photos with artificial light & flash they came out awful and i couldn't put them here. And i didn't wanted or had the patience to do the swatches on my nails, because i have such a cute model on them right now. Sorry!:( Anyways, you can se pretty well the colors just from the bottle.]

Let's start!

White nail polish from Glamour magazine, Golden Rose, Avon Nail Frosting - Silver, Isabelle Dupont Paris - N08

Golden Rose - 05, Glamour N014, Delia Cosmetics - 8, Janet - VC

A set from Glamour magazine (i put the white twice, sorry!);

Avon Nailwear Pro - Perfectly Flesh, Farmasi - 951, Farmasi - 954, Farmasi - 947

Avon Nailwear Pro - Luxe Lavander, Farmasi - 81, Janet - GF, Golden Rose - 216

Gabrini - 337, DIY from a bright yellow, Janet - Auriu, Avon Mirros Shine - Gold Foil ♥

Elf - Mint Cream, Avon Nailwear Pro - Pepermint Leaf, DIY,  Avon Arabian Glow - Teel Infusion

Frank Oliver - 135, Elanor - 506 (the color that i use for crazy combinations☺), Oriflame Visions - High Voltage, Avon Nailwear Pro - Green With Envy

Elanor - 537, Flormar Neon - 002, Miss Sporty Quick Dry - 320, Avon Speeddry - Twilight Blue;

Deborah Shine Tech - 12, Janet - II,  Avon Nailwear Pro - Coral Reef, Farmasi - 46, Miss Sporty Lasting Colour 7 days - 370

Avon Color Trend - Minimalistic Peach, Farmasi - 546, Golden Rose - 227, Natty - 447, Farmasi- 578, Oriflame Voyage - Fiery Coral

Flormar Supermatte - M 109, Delia Cosmetics - 23, Janet - XQ, Flormar True Color - 038, Rev Olline Millenium Jet Set - 87

Avon Color Trend - Flash, Maddona - 136, Elf - Fuchsia

DIY, Elf - Mod Mauve, Farmasi - 991, Janet - GC

DIY, Golden Rose, Astor Laquer deluxe - 597, Flormar Nail Enamel - 391, Janet - BG

My cracking nail polishes ♥:
two from Alix Avien & one from China Glaze

Si in final am facut niste swatch-uri ca sa ma pot hotari mai usor asupra unei culori, dupa modelul lui Koko.
[And at the end, i did some swatches, so i can decide easier which color i want, like Koko did!]

 Sa nu va speriati de scrisul meu, nu scriu asa de obicei, dar ma chinuiam sa nu ating cu mana swatch-urile (stangace - la propriu). Si oricum, important e ca eu sa inteleg!:))
 [I hope that my writing didn't scare you away. :)) In my defence, i don't write like this, but i was trying not to touch the swatches with my hand (left-hended).  And anyway, only I have to understand that!:))]

 Nu am mai pozat lacurile transparente, tratamentele, lacurile pentru nail art, consider ca nu are rost. Acestea erau cele mai importante. :)
 Probabil ati si observat cateva chestii dupa ce v-am prezentat colectia mea:
- nu sunt o fana a culorii roz;
- nu am firme high-end pentru ca nu am nevoie, orice lac as pune pe unghia mea naturala tot putin ma tine;
- imi plac lacurile Farmasi, Flormar (chiar daca dau de ele atat de greu) si Janet. Mai nou am descoperit si Golden Rose & le ador.
- imi place sa am toate culorile posibile;
[I didn't posed the clear nail polishes, the treatments or the nail art nailpolishes. This ones were the most important!:)
You've probably noticed a few thing after i presented my collection:
- not a pink kind of  girl;
- i don't have high-end brands because anyway they are useless for me. Anything i put on my nails lasts for about 2-3 days because they are so thin.
- i like Farmasi, Flormar (even though i have to move mountains to get them) and Janet. And recently i discovered Golden Rose nail polishes and i love them!
- i like to have all the colors in the world!:)]

Consider ca nu sunt atat de multe... si totusi, le-am adunat in cativa ani. Insa daca va aparea nenorocitul ala de stand Flormar si in Timisoara, sa ma vedeti cum dau iama in toate lacurile lor, sunt geniale!:))

P.S.: mai aveti doua zile sa participati la concursul de make-up! Good luck!



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