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Da, probabil nu va vine sa credeti, dar Anda porneste un tag. :)) Mi s-a parut cute si l-am vazut de atatea ori pe Youtube, incat am zis ca trebuie sa-l facem si noi, fetele din blogosfera.

Yes, i know, you probably don't believe it but...Anda is starting a TAG! :)) I think it's a cute one and i saw it sooo many times on Youtube that i thought we should do it to (the girls with blogs).

Sa incepem/ Let's start!

Blush or bronzer - i would choose bronzer, because you can contour your face with it, and it totally highlights your features. I can replace a blush with a lipstick or something, so it not a thing i cannot live without, like my bronzers. :)
Lip-gloss or lipstick - lipstick all the way! I'm not a big fan of lip-glosses.
Eyeliner or mascara - mascara! This is the only make-up thing i can not live without. I use it everyday. It's the best invention everrr!
Foundation or concealer - i know i should choose concealer, but i will choose foundation, because it evens my complection and it protects it from many things (like the sun, external factors, etc).
Neutral or color eye shadow - if i really have to choose, i will choose neutral colors. It just looks better on my skin. But i love colour too!
Pressed or loose eye shadows - pressed!
Brushes or sponges - sponges, of course (kiddin')! Lool, what a question...brushes!!!

OPI or china glaze - I haven't tried OPI, so i will chose China Glaze. I like them both anyway.
Long or short - short!
Acrylic or natural - natural (or with gel on my natural nails).
Brights or darks - brights (and colorful).
Flower or no flower  - no flower.

Perfume or body splash - perfume. You know i'm addicted!
Lotion or body butter - lotion because i'm lazy.
Body wash or soap - body wash.
Lush or other bath company - other companies! I don't like to get stuck at only one brand.

Jeans or sweat pants - jeans, of course! And i prefer dark jeans.
Long sleeve of short - long.
Dresses or skirts - ohhh, you know i love DRESSES!
Stripes or plaid - stripes...especially in the summer!
Flip flops or sandals - i love sandals. I could have 100 pairs and never be satisfied. :))
Scarves or hats - scarves, another obsession of mine.
Studs or dangly earrings - dangly earrings. :D
Necklaces or bracelets - bracelets, because i tend to wear dangly earrings and it would be too much.
Heels or flats - i wear flats more often, but i like heels too.
Cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots.
Jacket or hoodie - jacket. I'm not a sportswear kind of girl.

Curly or straight - beachy waves!:X
Bun or ponytail - bun, i guess.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins. I prefer simpler things.
Hair spray or gel - hair spray all the way!
Long or short - looooong.
Light or dark - light right now, but i have my moods.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs - side sweep bangs! I should know better, after i've done my full bangs and hated it!:))
Up or down - down. I almost never wear my hair up.

Rain or shine - shine, shine, shine! Even though i like the rainy weather sometimes.
Summer or winter - summer!!! I hate winter!
Fall or spring - spring.
Chocolate or vanilla
 - if i want to eat it - chocolate. If i want to smell like it - vanilla.
East coast or west coast - i would love to live in LA because of the weather. So...West Coast i guess.

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I tag: Special Koko, Andreea's Land, Anca Buzea, Alexandra Z., Lauren, Sigina, Chatte, Little D. and all the girls who want to do this.

If you don't have a blog you can still do the tag in the comment box below. I would like to see your answers.:)
Daca nu aveti blog, puteti sa faceti tag-ul in formularul de comentarii de mai jos. Mi-ar placea sa vad si raspunsurile voastre.:)

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