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 Astazi nu veti vedea o postare kilometrica, insa vreau sa va arat doua lucruri: un lac de unghii de la Miss Sporty pe care il am de ceva timp si de care m-am indragostit abia acum si noul meu rimel suuuuper albastru. Imi doresc un asemenea rimel de nu stiu cand si nu gaseam niciunde un albastru suficient de vesel, toate duceau spre navy. Acesta este de la Oriflame si a costat 8.99 lei. Exista si pe verde daca sunteti interesate.

 You're not going to see a kilometric post on my blog today, but instead, I want to show you guys two things: a nail polish from Miss Sporty that I feel in love with, even though I have it for some time now and a superrr bright blue mascara. I wanted a mascara like this since forever and I couldn't find something similar to this anywhere. All of them were rather navy. It's from Oriflame and it costed about 3$. What a bargain, right?

 **photos with and without flash

Aceasta este culoarea / So, this is the color:
 Efectul este si el ok, insa nu este wow. Dar nici nu ma asteptam la minuni de la un rimel care a costat atat de putin.

 The effect is ok, but it didn't make me say "wow"! Anyway, I'm not expecting miracles from such a cheap mascara. 
Miss Sporty Quick Dry - Clubbing - 320
Oriflame Very Me Fat lash mascara - Blue.




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