Back to school make-up for green eyes (using Oriflame Cosmetics)


 So today I will show you the last look from my "back to school" series. This one is for green eyes and I used only Oriflame products. Hope you will like it!

 Astazi va prezint ultimul machiaj din seria "back to school". Este cel pentru ochi verzi si am folosit asa cum v-am promis, doar produse accesibile, de data aceasta Oriflame. Sper sa va placa!

This one is perfect for green eyes!

Let's start!
Sa incepem!

The eyes / Ochii:

1. First of all, I filled in my eyebrows, using Oriflame Eyebrow Kit.

1. Mai intai de toate, mi-am conturat sprancenele, folosind kit-ul de sprancene Oriflame.

2. Then, I applied as a base Oriflame Visions Eye Brights jumbo eyeliner in Pink Prodigy:

2. Apoi am aplicat ca baza jumbo eyeliner-ul Oriflame Visions Eye Brights, in nuanta Pink Prodigy:

3. I applied Oriflame Giordani Gold black eyeliner like so:

3. Apoi am aplicat eyeliner Oriflame Giordani Gold (negru), dupa cum se vede in poza:

4. I smudged everything out:

4. Am smudge-uit foarte bine eyeliner-ul:

5. I applied eyeshadow all over it ( I used Oriflame Visions "For your eyes only eyeshadows"):

5. Am aplicat fard peste ( am folosit farduri Oriflame Visions  "For your eyes only"):

6. And then, I applied some purple eyeshadow in the crease:

6. Si apoi, am aplicat fard mov in pliul pleoapei:

7. I blended the colors with a light vanilla eyeshadow:

7. Am amestecat culorile cu ajutorul unui fard bej deschis:

8. On the lower lashline, I only applied a silver eyeliner (Oriflame Visions Eye Glitz in Dark Silver):

8. Pe pleoapa de jos am aplicat doar un eyeliner gri inchis (Oriflame Visions Eye Glitz, in nuanta Dark Silver):

9. Mascara (Oriflame Giordani White Gold Mascara):

The face / Fata:

1. I applied tinted moisturizer from Oriflame (Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow - Light):

1. Am aplicat crema coloranta Oriflame (Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow - Light):

2. For my imperfections, I used Oriflame Color - Conceal Kit:

2. Pentru imperfectiuni am folosit Oriflame Color - Conceal Kit:

3. And as a blush, I used Oriflame Silky Kiss lipstick in Berry Jaquard:

3. Si pe post de blush, am folosit rujul Oriflame Silky Kiss, Berry Jaquard:

The lips / Buzele:

1. I used Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick in Love Nude:
1. Am folosit rujul Oriflame Triple Core in nuanta Love Nude:

The finished look:

And that's it!

Hope you liked my "back to school"series and I hope all of you can recreate this make-up looks!

Sper ca v-a placut seria mea "back to school" si sper ca nu vi s-a parut complicat & ca le veti putea recrea cu usurinta!



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