Week in photos (4)

1. Last Saturday's look /// 2. Pretty view on my street;

3. Sunday's Look /// 4. View from my bike. Again. Same place. Daytime;

5. Storm on the way /// 6. Rocking my blue eyes!♥

7. Can't live without my coffee at school! /// 8. Old picture of Max smiling;

9. Pretty terrace in Timisoara /// 10. Latte macchiato - yum!

11. The mother /// 12. The daughter;

13. Goodbye my lover, you served me well!♥ /// 14. Took a walk with my bff and saw the pretty sky;

15. Teaser for my latest makeup look /// 16.  Pure madness!!!

17. The amazing Escada Especially that I received from Marie Claire /// 18. I found this Harper's Bazaar edition, from 2008. It's like...vintage!:)) Love it!

19. Bonnie - a friend's dog. I'm in love with her, she is so cute! /// 20. It was summertime in Timisoara yesterday!♥

21. Nice garden that I saw today! I would like one, please! /// 22. Goodies from Wet'n'Wild. Can't wait to try them!

23. Fail! But I still like the picture, it's funny! /// 24. Loving Pastel Pink nail polish from Avon. ♥

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How was your week?



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