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In alta ordine de idei, this was my week:
 1. This is how I like to read my magazines...so I can take notices when I feel inspired or when I see something interesting. <3 /// 2. Yummy nachos!

 3. Nina sleeping on the table! :)) /// 4. Night view on my street!

 5. Kitty was keeping me company on a rainy day... /// 6. Hot coffee on the same rainy day!

 7. We didn't have such a sunny week as you can see. 8-| /// 8. Max liked it though...:)

 9. Strawberries & cream /// 10. She loves me and I love her!♥

 11. My latest makeup look /// 12. A little sample from Lancome. Can't wait to try this!

 13. Flowers from my daddy!:X /// 14. Amazing surprise for my birthday from Astor, Rimmel London & Coty Romania.♥

 15. Just...yum! /// 16. Gift from my bff - I wanted a puzzle like this since forever! She knows me well!

17. Homemade pizza /// 18. My birthday cake. ♥

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How was your week?



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