Products I've used up #2 | Produse pe care le-am terminat #2

Parerile mele despre fiecare produs in parte, le puteti vedea in clipul de mai jos.

Here is my second post with the products that I have used up in the past three months. I like this kind of videos/posts, because you can see products that have really been used and not the ones that are thrown away in a corner and forgotten about! :) My video is only in romanian, so I thought I could write here a little bit about these empties. :)

Here are the products that I have finished:
Iata produsele pe care le-am terminat:
The invention of dry shampoo's was like a blessing for my oily hair. Since I found out about these kind of products, I've been using them constantly! I get along very well with the Balea Trend It Up Dry Shampoo.

This was a cheap product that I found in Kaufland, a hypermarket from my country. It was "meeehhh", but I  also didn't dislike it. It was ok if I had light make-up on that day or if I used it as a toner.

I loved, loved, loved Deborah New Skin Powder Foundation and Rimmel London Stay Matte Face PowderAstor Anti Shine Mattitude wasn't really my cup of tea.

The Mitchum deo-roll antiperspirant - AMAZING! You have to try this, because it's that good! I used one of these throughout the entire summer and I haven't had a single problem with sweathing. Also, it's cheap and it's really big (100 ml), double the size of a usual deo-roll (50 ml). The Nivea Pure & Natural was good too, I like Nivea products in general and I really recommend them!

Loved these two perfumes from Avon: Eternal Magic Enchanted and Little Red Dress. Both very girly and sweet!:X

Loved both of them! You can find a review for Revlon PhotoReady HERE and for Farmasi Stay Matte HERE (you can translate them to make an idea).

I liked this concealer too! I liked to use it under my eyes, but it was ok for blemishes too, because of its high coverage.

Iata parerile mele despre produsele din pozele de mai sus:

Care au fost produsele pe care le-ati terminat in ultima perioada?
What were the products you finished lately?



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