Instalife: March 2013

 Maxi says hi!:)

 I's so in love with this dog! E cel mai "om" caine pe care l-am cunoscut!:))

 Beautiful sky before the storm!

 I was in a girlie mood!:))

 Blue nails! (using Miss Sporty nail polish)

 Snow? Seriously?

 When you don't have time to do your make-up as you would wish, red lipstick makes it all better!:))

 My skincare "drawer". :))

 My first french braid! Yeeees! Vezi Koko, vezi? Am reusit!:))

 Don't know why, but I love this picture. Especially because of how my eyes look here!

 LOTD for 18th of March! Boring Monday!

 Neon Pink gel nails! Loved them!

 My Kiki-ricky! (aka Kitty)

 Getting better and better at this!:))

 New goodies!:X

 Impressed with the new Avon BB Cream! 

 Timisoara view.

 Timisoara view again.

 Timisoara view again again?:))


 New hairstyle! No make-up face! Ready to go to bed!

 New mascara from Oriflame! And actually...this is the first mascara I like from them!

So many new and cool magazines! If I could only find the time to at least browse through them! The make-up ones seem freakin' amazing!:X

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How was your month?



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