Instalife: February 2014

Yet another month has passed by! Time for spring! Yeeeeeey!

Excited to try these new products from Mineralium Dead Sea! <3

Spent a beautiful weekend at Straja!

You know I like to photograph the sky...:D 

True that!

Such a cool sunset in the city!!!

My Valentine's Day makeup look! See it HERE

Yum, yum, yum!

In ton cu "luna iubirii"!

It was a good day for blogging! :))

...and everything changes!

Spaghetti milanese made by me!

My cool new T-shirt from

My latest make-up look: Deeply in love!

Butterflies everywhere!

Timisoara at night!

My best friend since I was 5! Sisters from another mother! :))

Lovely day in Timisoara!

My usual self! :)

Awww, cute surprise! Primul meu martisor pe anul acesta! Cineva a intuit ca imi plac canile! ♥

It was about time to upload some new stuff on Youtube, right? :) New video coming up tomorrow! (see my video HERE)

 Oh my!!!

Out in nature with my friend's doggies!

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How was your month?



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