Instalife: June 2014

Luna aceasta nu am postat prea multe poze pe Instagram...cred ca am facut exces in luna mai si m-am mai calmat putin intre timp, hi hi! Sper totusi sa va placa totusi, se pare ca am pus accent pe plimbari, natura si animalute! Combinatia perfecta, nu? ☺

 I'm really, really loving this! Will definitely buy it again!!! ♥

 Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!!! ♥

 Selfie with @didiutzza! :)

 Suferă sărăcuţa! :))

 Oh, sunny daaaay! :)

 Love them! #zara

 Always find a reason to smile!!!

 Interesting theory!

 My oh my!

 Loving this so far! It has such a light formula! ♥

 To infinity...

 Cutest dog eveeeer!

 Sa vedem ce poti sa faci! Numa zic! :)

 Be a good matter what!

 Rouge Boutique has the best promotional ideas! ♥

 New products from Max Factor! You can see I'm already loving the foundation! <3

Ma supun, B.U. !!! :)

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How was your month?



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