Instalife: September & October 2014

I know I'm not good at this blogging thing anymore...but here I am trying to make it better at least with an Instalife post! Hope you will enjoy it! Hugs!

*visited Bigar waterfall.

Nivea doesn't ask silly questions...Nivea understands!

"Ale mele, ale meleeee! Cele mai faine creme pentru oameni lenesi! Thank you, Nivea!"

Yellow flowers are my favorite!

Goodie box from Eucerin!

Love this weird pic! :))

My favorite eyebrow pencil is baaack! La pret dublu, but oh well...:))

I love this weather & I love autumn! 

He, he! I alwas wanted a ball like this! Thank you, Taft!


Red accents.


...and that's why I love autumn...

Sunday morning...time flows in misterious ways...

Went on a Sunday trip again! This time I went to see "Ochiul Bei" again! It's such a lovely place!

Just sayin'...

Nivea, my love!

My #beautiful #romania!

There is something special about autumn, isn't it?

Colorful autumn leaves.

Beusnita waterfall

Don't forget to start your day with a smile, no matter what! #smile

Amazing leaf! (sa stiti ca ma spal pe maini de felul meu, desi din poza asta nu pare, ha ha! Tocmai ma jucasem cu un cateloi!)

Great memories were made once again in this beautiful city! #sibiu

Sibiu again!

In love with this city! #sibiu

Stiti ca iarna ma apuca! Asa ca sunt din nou roscata! :))

#tbt (love this pic)

Vienna, here I come! (I will write a post about my trip soon).

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How was your month?



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