March Highs and Lows

Hi, friends!

In january I started this new section on my blog and it looks like life interrupted me again, cause I wasn't able to keep it up and I skipped the february post. Fortunately, this time it was in a good way. Life is good sometimes. 


  • Just moved in with my boyfriend. It was a mess, in my head and in the apartment and I couldn't imagine that moving is soooo hard. I officially hate it! :)) We're almost done with everything though, just waiting for another set of shelves to tidy some random things up and we're good to go! Already feel like home and i am so happy to live in a house neighbourhood again, i missed it so much!
  • I have soooo much light in the apartment and i will be able to film videos again. This is the best news ever, cause i miss it A LOT! I just have to wait for the cupboard, to be able to have a background too. I also want to start weekly vlogs, but first i need a decent camera for that.
  • I am so happy with the weather and with the fact that i am able to arrive to work in 20 minutes with my bike.
  • I went to Timisoara after 2 months and it was SUCH A PLEASURE TO BE THERE! I love my city so much and if it wasn't for the career possibilities in Bucharest, i'll be back in an instant. My city is amazing! My boyfriend was there for the first time and he loved it too, so i am not completely subjective here. :)) The weather was perfect, seeing my family, my friends, going to my favorite places, everything was perfect. It was very hard to come back this time, but here is my second home now and it isn't bad either, don't get me wrong. It's just that..home will always be home.
  • I've seen the girls more (Stefana and Denisa). Lately i had the impression that all i did was work-work-work and it was such a relief to be able to see them and have a bit of girl talk. I recuperated in Timisoara too, with my friends, of course.
  • Going in parks (both in Timisoara and Bucharest) and enjoying spring.


  • All the work-oldapartment-newapartment routes annoyed me a bit. Very tiring. But fortunately, it's over now.

What were the good and bad parts for you in March?



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